Good ideas have a certain sound

But if that sound is to become the equivalent to a form,
It needs more than a good vibration to survive the real world!

The Leafbreeze Group is dedicated to engineering geek love by building the companies that will create the software of tomorrow. By mentoring and educating early-stage startups, Leafbreeze is a key player in the growth of new technology businesses. We provide the training and support every new company needs for successful growth to include business strategy, service innovation, financial discipline, and lean development understanding. The end result is a well-run, self-sufficient corporate entity that has the tools needed to cultivate new talent, connect with partners, and stay alive long enough to grow into a great company.

We give ideas a form – You put them into motion!

Startup Mentorship

Leafbreeze guides new and emerging startups through the complex process of business administration, legal organization, and strategic thinking. This is the jump-start every company needs!

Modular Structure

Leafbreeze provides the structure and discipline needed to create the custom set of frameworks and processes that keep each company Lean and Agile in their development efforts.

Startup Incubation

Leafbreeze creates startup value by hosting a one-month Startup Incubator twice a year (April and October) in which companies develop their business chops through intensive collaboration!